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Technology Access Program

Eligible facilities:


Eligible facilities include life science core facilities that have established fee-for-service rates for external clients.

Contact: Jeff Caplan, 302-831-3403.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Contact: Shawn Polson, 302-831-3235.

DNA Sequencing and Genotyping
Contact: Bruce Kingham, 302-831-0823.

Proteomics and Mass Spectrometer  
Contact: Kelvin Lee, 302-831-0344.

Structural Biology
Contact: Steve Bai, 302-831-8901.

*Businesses eligible for reduced fee-for-service facility use include any bioscience business that has a research presence located in Delaware, and includes those that may have research activities located outside of Delaware. If a business is interested in accessing other core facilities at DBI or UD, please inquire at cat@dbi.udel.edu so that we can explore adding them to this list.

The amount of the discount is facility specific and subject to certain limitations. Contact cat@dbi.udel.edu for additional information and questions.