EPoC Proposal Submission Instructions

Submission Deadline

9/30/22 by 5 pm

Annual Submission Deadline:

Cycle 1: ~ March 31
Cycle 2: ~ September 30


EPoC Annual Reporting

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Proposal must be submitted as a single electronic PDF document and be received by the proposal deadline. The entire proposal, with the exception of the Project Summary, will be treated as confidential.

Proposal must include the following:

Proposal format:

Review process

Each proposal will be reviewed by a Technical Review Panel as well as by a Steering Committee. Proposals that do not meet requirements stated above will not be reviewed. Proposals will be evaluated on their scientific and technical merit as well as on their potential economic impact in Delaware. The status of new investigators and investigators from PUIs will be regarded when considering aspects of grantsmanship.

Award conditions may include:

For questions, please contact catdbi@udel.edu or consult our F.A.Q.