Grant F.A.Q.

Q: Can someone help me find a partner/collaborator for my project?

A: Yes, please reach out to our email address at

Q: If a research and development relationship already exists between an academic partner and an industry partner (fitting CAT requirements), is the existing partnership eligible to apply for a CAT grant?

A: Yes, an existing academic and industry partnership is eligible to apply for a CAT grant provided that the effort is not already externally funded through other sources.

Q: Assuming a grant is funded, can a partnership then apply for other external funding?

A: Yes. Additional external funding after awarding of the CAT grant is encouraged.

Q: As an adjunct professor, am I eligible to be PI for a CAT grant?

A: As an adjunct faculty member, you would not be eligible without prior approvals. A letter or letters from pertinent offices at your institution explaining your position and showing that your institution will provide the necessary administrative support and other infrastructure needed is required. The letter could be submitted either in advance of the deadline, or simultaneous with the grant submission deadline, to

Q: Am I allowed to serve as PI on more than one proposal submission?

A: Yes. However, a PI may have only one active CAT grant at a time.

Q: Must the grant funds be expended over a period of one year or can they be expended in less time, for example, over a six-month time period?

The maximum timeframe for spending the grant funds is one year. There is no minimum timeframe. However, principal investigators should be aware of significant portions of expenses in salary to ensure the salary levels and effort are reasonable to the work proposed to be done over that time period.

Q: Is there any limit on how many grants are awarded to a particular academic or industry scientist over a period of time?

A: Currently, there are no limits except that a PI may have only one active CAT grant at a time.