Submission Deadline

9/30/22 by 5 pm

Annual Submission Deadline:

Cycle 1: ~ March 31
Cycle 2: ~ September 30


ARC Annual Reporting

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Applied Research Collaborations (ARC) – Up to $100,000 for 1 year

Applied Research Collaboration grants are available to support bioscience research collaborations that support economic development in Delaware. Projects must have at least one Delaware academic and one Delaware business partner.

Funds should be directed towards hypothesis-driven research. Projects are assessed on their scientific merit and economic impact in Delaware

Grant Information

Who can apply?

Principal Investigators (PIs)* from any Delaware academic research institution, including:

* Must be eligible to serve as a PI at their home institution.

PIs can have only one active ARC grant at a time. Partners may be involved in multiple ARC grants at the same time.

ARC-specific notes:

* The need for more than one PI must be well justified.

Intellectual property

PIs should consult with the technology transfer office at their home institution. The ARC program does not retain any rights to intellectual property.