Entrepreneurial Proof of Concept (EPoC)

Submission Deadline

9/30/22 by 5 pm

Annual Submission Deadline:

Cycle 1: ~ March 31
Cycle 2: ~ September 30


EPoC Annual Reporting

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Up to $50,000 for 1 year

Entrepreneurial Proof of Concept grants are available to support researchers looking to collect early stage data leading to the creation of a new business entity operating in Delaware at the completion of the grant. Proposals can be initiated by either non-academic or academic entrepreneurs seeking to start their own company. Note that funds must go to a research PI at a qualified Delaware academic research institution who does not have to have a formal affiliation with the proposed business entity.

Grant Information

Who can apply?

Principal Investigators (PIs)* from any Delaware academic research institution, including:

* Must be eligible to serve as a PI at their home institution.

PIs can have only one active EPoC grant at a time.

An organization may apply for more than one EPoC grant provided that they are with different academic partners and with strong justification.

EPoC-specific notes:

Intellectual property

PIs should consult with the technology transfer office at their home institution. The EPoC program does not retain any rights to intellectual property.